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Firstly, setting the scene.

16 May 2014

Introductory compilation of half hour podcasts related to mastering service delivery - a new way and approach to think and create great things.

 The Transcript 

Firstly, setting the scene

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Hi you're listening to Service Mastery with Jawaid.

Service Mastery is a compilation of half hour podcasts consisting of tidbits, ideas and fresh approaches to old problems - a new way and approach to think and create great things.

Thank you for tuning in,  we are here to provide ideas, techniques and what works - adapted for easy listening as a podcast

This podcast is all about service management in the technology arena but can be adapted and used by all those who provide services and lead or manage teams that provide services.

I intend to do all this while holding down a full-time job, fitting in my voluntary roles, keeping my wife happy and keeping our little cat ‘ginger’ out of trouble - the trouble I talk about is her incessant drive to paw and nibble at my microphone - it's a never ending challenge.

' ... I’ve picked up quite a lot and am passionate about service delivery and am an evangelist for customer service!' 

I’ve been a bit of a sponge through my life, always inquisitive about people and how things work. Constantly learning, reading, listening and watching what works and why? I’ve run three blogs web sites, one my own and two under a pseudonym covering service advice and IT urgency and felt probably the easiest way to share was to podcast.

After a setting a new year’s resolution -  Several years ago - here goes …

I’d like to start each show with a problem or question … then go ahead and provide technique and ideas that might help.

Each podcast will be short - I’ve listened to loads, those that are about an hour or longer - wahoo it’s just too long - my aim is to make is short, concise and relevant.

I’m keen you take away at least one tip, technique or idea form each podcast - the podcasts will focus on three areas (1) Elements of behavioural intelligence (2) Opportunities to develop personally and (3) a lot of how to deliver an exceptional and great service.

Service Mastery .. Is not about the art of hocus pocus magic or wizardry - as the name may apply - it’s about understanding service delivery and being a master of it 

As this is the first podcast let me tell you a little about myself.

I’ve had a lot of jobs and been in a lot of roles, I’ve huge amount of experience working in Technology in politics and currently head up Technology Operations for the Mayor of London - yes as you can imagine ‘this keeps me awfully busy’.  But I love it! I’m responsible for two fantastic teams that consist of extra-ordinary individuals - it’s not been easy - the service we offer is exemplary but didn’t happen over-night, but more of that in future podcasts.

While growing up I had a lot of jobs, I started working when I was 16 - I worked at weekends at a video rental shop, this well before Blockbusters, it was so much fun. Remember the films were on VHS or Betmax - most won’t remember this. followed working life in retail - working through my academic life for a menswear department, national electronic (white goods) store, a supermarket, a video rental shop, a TV and video rental store.

After graduating - yes up to that point I held down five jobs and managed to fit in studying, - but after graduating I worked in a bar, ran a night club, was a cycle courier for 15 mins - that didn’t last long as I’m more of a fair weather cyclist - I did pick a bad weather day to start that job. 

My serious career soon started after that with a number of roles as a Service Developer and Systems Analyst. Soon after I found myself heading up the technology department of a number of Housing sector organisations although in the middle of that I ran my own IT company (where I made a horrible amount of money but had no social life or friends … long lonely hours but the pay was good).

Soon after that I started working for a political party in the tech team, it was a great time, I was still young had lots of energy and get up and go - I was part of a major political win in the 1990’s which resulting into getting into 10 Downing Street.

I quickly realised that work would started slowing down once we were in government as civil servants started taking over a lot of the exciting and innovative things I was involved with - so I moved on for a new adventure.

While maintaining my foothold in technology I join London’s Metropolitan Police Service as a Police Office - wahoo - now that was an eye opener, but more of that in future podcasts.

As mentioned I now head up Technology Operations for the Mayor of London, although still passionate about doing more that one thing I am also a board member on the Cloud Industry Forum and in my spare time am a judge and sit in a number of magistrate courts in and around London.

So as you can see - I’ve done a lot - had a lot of jobs and worked in a lot of roles. I’ve picked up quite a lot and am passionate about service delivery and am an evangelist for customer service.

' ... it’s about understanding service delivery and being a master of it!' 

So why have I called this podcast Service Mastery? 

Knowing that I’m passionate about Service Delivery - I spent a lot of time thinking about what make a great service - is it the products you use, the process in place, the partners you work with or the people involved?

The amount of hours, days weeks and months I spent on this - all the publications, books and biographies I have read - none of them had a concise answer.

They all messed around, beat around the bush on the topic but no concise answer! 

A great service experienced is subjective - its a combination of wanting something, sourcing it and then finally the journey one goes on to get it. The end never really justifies the means - not when you want to experience a great service. You never find your self saying ‘it may of been a nightmare getting here but I’ve got what I want!’ and meaning that the service you received was great!

So what is it! 

Here is a question:

Ever had a problem … something you can’t crack - where you don’t know where to start, what’s involved or how to resolve it!  But you know someone who can! 

We all know someone like that - the fix woman or man  - I don’t necessary mean Winston ‘The Wolf’ Wolfe from Pulp Fiction - but someone like that   -  a  person who can help you? 

What is it that they have ? Where did they learn it? What makes them so calm and in control of problem situations?

Well this radio show will touch on a number of techniques and skills that give you the answer …

Service Mastery .. Is not about the art of hocus pocus magic or wizardry - as the name may apply - it’s about understanding service delivery and being a master of it.

finally can I take a moment to thank my niece, Cienna - for her jingles thought the podcast - she’s been a star - and you never know she’s only 10 - it might make her famous

If you are into delivering fantastic service - go to and hey, if you have any questions - send them through the contact form on the website 

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That’s all for this episode … Thank you for joining me today … until next time … please keep delivering great service by following Service Mastery

Did you make this up?

Oh still listening - more info on how I created this webcast or web site contact me on the website contact form.